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"My experience collecting and freezing my three golden retrievers at Straws to Paws was one of professionalism and consideration. Not only were my dogs and I given personal attention, the knowledge and expertise of Deb Leach and Dr. Mary gave me confidence that my time and investment was being well cared for. I was so impressed with my experience that I have transferred all my frozen semen to their facility. I know and trust their advice to be in my best interest."

Lorie C. Jolly
Rosehill Retrievers

"We at Whelp Wise have worked with Dr. Mary and Deb for many years. Deb was instrumental in placing our service at The Seeing Eye, where we worked with both Dr. Mary and Deb before they headed out to establish the Straws to Paws practice. We continue to enjoy a wonderful working relationship with both. We regularly refer clients to the practice as we know that the practice has two great breeding/whelping experts who truly CARE about their clients!!!!"

Karen Copley
Whelp Wise

"I have an older bitch who I really wanted to keep the bloodlines from. I had had unsuccessful attempts at breeding her previously. I ran to Dr. Mary and Debbie at the last possible minute with a bag of complications and problems thinking "Oh boy, this is really a mess." What I found to my delight was a vet/client relationship that I've only dreamed of. They included me in their team and I was right there with them the whole way. I got a wonderful education! And they listened to every single one of my concerns and addressed them beautifully. My girl is pregnant now with about 3 pups and she would not be pregnant at all except for their expertise. They went miles beyond other vets with their wonderful care and concern. It was the best experience I have ever had with a vet team and I absolutely recommend them to everyone."

Dean Lake
Roselake Retrievers

"I cannot thank Dr. Mary and Deb Leach of Straws To Paws enough. Because of their services my first breeding experience was easy and successful. Since I was breeding my maiden bitch to an almost 13-year-old stud dog, I was concerned that we get the timing right. I was doing a natural breeding and needed to get to the stud dog, who was a day's drive away. Many experienced breeders told me that since I was doing a natural breeding that I should just get out there and let the stud dog tell me when she is ready. But because of his age, the almost 100-degree weather we were having, as well as not wanting to be away from work unnecessarily, I decided to work with Straws To Paws to try to pinpoint the timing. Their professionalism and support from day one was unparalleled, not only advising me, but giving me a great education along they way. 29 days after the first breeding Dr. Mary confirmed that she was "chock full" of puppies, seeing at least nine pups on ultrasound. Thank you, Dr. Mary and Deb for all of your help!! You are an incredible team and I will recommend your services to everyone!"

Marcy Burke