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Shipping Your Frozen Semen in U.S. & CANADA:

  1. Shipping your Frozen semen requires advance planning:

    Thank you for giving us as much advance notice as possible. To ship frozen semen a full 48 hours is needed to prepare the shipping tank to be cold enough to send. To do this we need to know the date semen needs to arrive. Keep in mind that Federal Express does not ship/deliver on Sundays, AND not all facilities are open to receive delivery on a Saturday (Saturday is also a more expensive Fed Ex cost). We ship Fed Ex for Express Overnight delivery. Therefore we must begin “charging” (cooling) the tank on Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest in order to ship for Thursday or Friday delivery. For example:

    "Charging" tank
    "Charging" tank
  2. The facility to whom you are shipping MUST have the capability to STORE Frozen Semen:

    Wherever we ship the semen, they need to be able to store the semen in their own wet storage tanks (in liquid nitrogen) until they are ready to use it. The shipping tank uses only nitrogen vapors (not liquid) and is only meant for shipping. It maintains its cold temperature until the semen arrives.
  3. The following information must be provided to us along with your written authorization:

    1. We need this information from you (Sender):
      1. Signed Transfer of Ownership Click to download this document in Adobe PDF format(Form Attached), or other written Authorization, with:
        1. Name of Person to whom you are transferring.
        2. Name of Bitch to be inseminated (only if you are specifying).
        3. Indication of how much & which specific semen to send (Dog & Collection Date).
      2. Date by which semen must arrive.
    2. We need this information from the Recipient:
      1. Name, address, phone of Recipient.
      2. Name, address, phone of the Vet Clinic to whom we will ship.
      3. Call Name, Registered Name & Number of Female to be inseminated.
      4. Credit card information for Preparation Fees and Shipping Fees.
      5. Date by which semen must arrive.
Thank you. If you have other questions about this process, do not hesitate to let us know.
NOTE: If you are interested in shipping frozen semen internationally, requirements vary from country to country and change frequently. These requirements may include special health certification dated within a certain time before/after the collection date. Frequently, documentation must be sent to the USDA for certification. Documentation may be required from the bitch owner as well. Sometimes a specific collection is required with specific labeling of the straws. Please check with us well in advance of any such planning.


The Straws to Paws fee will be assessed for:
  1. preparing documentation,
  2. charging tank with liquid nitrogen vapors, and
  3. renting tank.
SHIPPING COST: We do not mark up shipping fees; those costs will be charged directly to your credit card by Federal Express. (The FedEx web site has a tool to estimate shipping cost by inputting the address and weight. The full “shipping dewar” generally weighs approx. 30 lbs.) We send the semen by Express Overnight Delivery, but the return of the empty tank is by “economy” price.

Go to www.FedEx.com and use their “Get A Quick Rate” tool. See below:

Picture: FedEx Home Page.

Enter location from: Washington, NJ 07882.
Enter location to: the address of clinic to whom we are shipping.
Enter weight: 30 lbs.
Enter: "Own Packaging".
  • We ship to your clinic via "FedEx FIRST OVERNIGHT".
  • The return shipment is: "FedEx EXPRESS SAVER".
  • Add these two together to get an estimate of the Fed Ex cost.
  • Fed Ex will charge your credit card directly. We do not mark-up shipping costs.