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Your first collection with Straws to Paws?

Collection for Freezing Appointments are scheduled on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Call to schedule. 908-689-0800.

What to expect ~

Files & Record ~

The following documents are needed to maintain his Record at Straws to Paws:
  1. Complete the Appointment Request
  2. Please bring a copy of his AKC (or other) Registration Certificate.
  3. Please provide a copy of his AKC (or other) DNA number/certificate.
  4. Please provide this number and/or tattoo number or other identification markers. We will check for a Microchip confirmation.
  5. Provide a negative brucellosis test if we are not performing the test for you.
  6. After collection, please sign and return the storage contract. This protects your ownership. Keep a signed copy for your records.
Procedure ~

  1. Check in with the front office. If your dog needs a brucellosis test we will take a quick blood sample. The test requires 20 minutes to run.
  2. When ready, we will call you to come in the Straws to Paws entrance (towards the back of the building) where only good things happen. Please knock.
  3. We provide a bitch in standing heat and she will be ready. Collection should take only a few minutes.
  4. After collection, you can see the results from our state of the art CASA microscope video monitor (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis).
  5. Afterwards we will take an identification photo for his record.
  6. If you need a DNA test, we can do a free cheek swab for you to mail in to the AKC.
  7. Your part is complete!
  8. The rest of the afternoon, we will process the collection, do a complete motility and morphological evaluation on the fresh sample, evaluate the motility post-thaw, then freeze and store the collection.
  9. A complete analysis will be mailed to you with an inventory and a storage contract.
Costs ~

Call for current estimate.
  1. Collection-Freezing Fee includes complete evaluation with freezing.
  2. Teaser Fee - a modest fee is collected and provided to the owner of the female for allowing us to use her.
  3. Brucellosis Test Fee (unless you have the test performed elsewhere).
  4. Annual Storage Fee. (Pro-rated for the year and billed thereafter at the first of each year.)

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Click to download the Adobe Reader.