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Picture: Two dogs sit on either side of a storage vat of genetic material.
Welcome to Straws to Paws, LLC!

Straws to Paws LLC is a Synbiotics certified and AKC recognized, canine semen freezing center. We offer on site storage for your safety and convenience. We also accept semen transfers from other facilities and offer kennel discounts for multiple dog freezing and storage.

Straws to Paws owners Dr. Mary Stankovics and Debbie Leach share the building with Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services (also owned by Dr. Stankovics) and team together to offer a wide variety of reproductive services to suit your breeding program needs. Because our storage facility is on site, it will always be available to you for use whenever you need it for surgical inseminations or shipping to other interested breeders.

Picture: Dr. Mary Stankovics gathers painless ultrasound imagery from a patient. What makes us unique? The personal touch! Just as every dog is different, so are the goals and needs of the individual breeder. We go out of our way to assure that your particular breeding program needs are met. Our services include all aspects of breeding, from careful ovulation timing of your bitch's cycle, collection of semen for fresh AI, fresh chilled breeding or use of frozen semen. We take pride in our success rate and look at each dog as an individual. If you are planning a breeding, our 24-hour contact information will be provided to you to facilitate communication throughout the process.

Your success is our success!

We are available to talk to dog clubs as well as arrange semen freezing clinics with advanced booking.

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